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Energy is collected from the air outside and transfers to the pool water. For each single KW used by a Garden Pac Inverter Heat Pump, between 4 to 15kw are returned to the pool. The Inverter allows the fan and compressor to run at variable speeds. Once the pool has reached the desired temperature the Inverter Heat Pump will reduce and match output to maintain the pool temperature.

  • 10 times quieter than normal heat pumps
  • Works down to minus 7c below zero
  • Soft start on all models
  • 7-year warranty on heat exchanger and compressor
  • Wifi connectivity
9.8 kw Garden pac - Inverter heat pump£1902.00 offer price £1536.00 
13.3 kw Garden pac - Inverter Heat pump£2592.00 offer price £1995.00 
21 kw Garden Pac - Inverter heat pump£3654.00 offer price £2890.00  
27.3 kw Garden Pac Invertech heat pump£4675.00 offer price £3750.00  
17.3kw Garden pac - Inverter heat pump£3263.00 offer price £2570.00 
27kw 3 Phase Garden Pac - Inverter heat pump£4675.00 offer price £3750.00 
Double union ball valve by pass £75.00 offer price £60.00 


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