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The Cove Crown II

The Cove Crown II has 21 high power water jets and is driven by a 2 hp pump, it has 4 massage seats built in but will seat five in total. It has a near indestructible polyurethane shell that has a traditional cedar look on the outside.
This is a competitively priced hot tub which also features easy to use digital touch controls and multi-coloured LED lighting.

The Cove Crown II is one of our signature tubs. Easily enter the tub with the step in / cool down seat to settle into all encompassing, soothing hydrotherapy. It really sets the standard for affordable luxury.

  • 78.5" x 35"
  • 21 jets
  • Seating for 5
  • Mood lighting package
  • 234 gallon capacity
  • Dry Weight 152kgs
  • Electrical 50Hz/240V - 13/20 amps
  • Pump performance 2.0hp
New spa £4995.00
Cove Crown 11 78.5" x 35" £4995.00 New spa



The Cove Encore

The Cove Encore has 38 high power water jets and is driven by a 2 hp high performance 2 speed pump, it comfortably Seats 6 adults and has a near indestructible polyurethane Shadow shell (Grey marbled) that has a traditional Charcoal wood look on the outside. This is a competitively priced hot tub which also features easy to use digital touch controls LED multi colour lighting including foot jets.

Settle into your Encore SE and let the cares of the day drift away as you relax in swirling hot water. Let the Cove Spas Jets target your back, legs and feet. Emerge from the hot water relaxed and with renewed energy. Plus, Cove's exclusive Dual Therapy System offers gentler, whole-body therapy to compliment the traditional, more targeted jets.

  • 84” x 84“ x 35”
  • 40 jets
  • Seating for 6 adults
  • LED lighting (7 colours) 
  • 375 gallons
  • Dry Weight 236kg
  • Electrical 240 volt 13/20 amp
  • Pump performance 2.0 HP
New spa £5995.00
Cove Encore 84" x 84" x 35" £5995.00 New spa



Excercise Pool

The Exercise pool is made from a beautiful and robust wooden frame and measures 2.426 metres x 3.916 metres internally and comes with a choice of one of 3 over the wall counter current systems.
This pool can be fully or partially submerged and the price is based on the basic package which includes the wooden structure, filtration kit, plain liner and maintenance kit.
For additional specifications please contact us direct

  • Wooden frame
  • Fully sealed liner
  • skimmer and sand filter
  • wooden coping
  • stairs



Elecro Electric Heaters

Easy to install, fully equipped and pre wired

  • RCD safety trip circuit
  • Floor or vertically wall mounted
Elecro Nano 3 kw Titanium element 13 amp  £436.00 our price £295.00
Elecro 4kw Analogue Evolution 13 amp  £698.00 our price £520.00
Elecro 6kw Analogue Evolution 27 amp £706.00 our price £530.00
Elecro 9kw Analogue Evolution 40 amp  £763.00 our price £570.00
Elecro 12kw Analogue Evolution 52 amp £787.00 our price £590.00
Elecro 15kw Analogue Evolution 66 amp £894.00 our price £670.00
Elecro 18kw Analogue Evolution 79 amp £979.00 our price £730.00



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